Economic Evaluation of New Varieties ::

Introduction ::

The following sections compare the relative economic performance of recent releases from the macadamia breeding program and regional variety trials.

These 20-year cash flow forecasts compare both annual net cash flow and cumulative cash flow for the four recent variety releases (G, J, P & R) and compares these with established industry varieties A16 and 741. Forecasts include performance in both the Bundaberg region and the Northern Rivers of NSW.

All scenarios model establishment of a new 100-hectare farm. Irrigation establishment and operating costs are included in all Bundaberg scenarios and excluded from all Northern Rivers scenarios.

The industry average planting density 312 trees per hectare (8x4m) is assumed for all varieties other than P, which is based on the higher density of 400 trees per hectare due to the relatively small size of these trees.

This analysis has been undertaken to evaluate elite selections from the B1.1 populations in regional variety trials.


Results presented in this report are based on yield and kernel recovery data from the macadamia regional variety trials.

The project partners associated with this report include the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI) and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF). While every care has been taken to ensure the validity of information collected and analyses produced, neither of these project partners, nor any persons acting on their behalf, make any promise, representation, warranty or undertaking in relation to the appropriateness of findings in this report and expressly disclaim all warranties (to the extent permitted by law) about the accuracy, completeness, or currency of information in this report.

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