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How are these new macadamia varieties propagated?

Like many trees, commercial macadamia plants are propagated using a rootstock and scion grafting process.  This allows you to use a rootstock that has particular disease resistance properties or root vigour, for example, with a scion budwood grafted onto the rootstock that has high yielding properties, for example.

The two rootstocks that are currently used with these new high yielding macadamia varieties are H2 and Beaumont.  These two rootstocks were used in the regional varietal trials and were assessed for soil type and scion variety response in each region.

How long is the process from order confirmation to delivery of plants?

The overall average time from order to plants can take between 18 months to 3 years.  There is a high demand for new trees and each nursery will be able to provide a timeline from point of order to delivery.

Based on the location of the farm where the trees will be planted, the correct rootstock needs to be propagated and raised to the right size for grafting.  At the same time, sufficient stocks of budwood have to be available to provide grafting material for the nursery. H2 and Beaumont are the two rootstocks currently in use within the industry.  It is advised that you consult both your nursery and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for the most up-to-date rootstock recommendation for your region and soil conditions.

As these Macadamia Innovation varieties are newly released to the market, the availability of high-quality budwood is the limiting factor for plant sales.